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This is the official website for the Zah Yest setting featured in The Path of Resistance tabletop RPG campaign. In its forgotten language "Yest" means "this," and Zah Yest is "this heavenly body"--a theory for our ancient Earth with Pangea and multiple planes. Instead of millions of vanilla shadow universes where you had a bad hair day and everything else was the same, there is a Hyphersphere--a series of cohesive meaningful planes that were created with purpose, as an electrical transformer bridging the realities of the quantifiable and the infinite.

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The Path of Resistance

(free digital version)

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Updated 2022-10-18

3D Printable

For characters in the campaign (custom creatures etc.) and other info, follow for updates: If listed in SRD 5.1 (or character classes), search, buy minis at comic stores, or see 3D Printing and Tabletop below.


These songs are inspired by the story and can be used along with the campaign.

MixMystery ยท The Path of Resistance

Unrelated RPG-inspired cinematic music also written by MixMystery:

MixMystery - Hack and Slash Soundtrack


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The Path of Resistance: Beside the Void

A Level 5 Campaign and the Sequel to The Path of Resistance

BesideTheVoid on YouTube (announcements and Poikilos' old fully produced or long-form videos)
Poikilos on YouTube (regular updates and shorts)


3D Printing and Tabletop

Please support me to spend the many hours necessary collect or modify more models with proper licenses allowing for commercial use and make a complete list of models for books I & II.

Free eBooks

These books have 9-lesson units in a "cookbook" (step by step) style. Please support me to spend the many hours necessary to keep these books up to date and make them available in more formats. The layout is designed to save paper. If you only have one screen or are using the books to teach, they will be easier to follow when printed.

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