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Purple d20This is the official website for the Zah Yest setting featured in The Path of Resistance tabletop RPG campaign. In its forgotten language "Yest" means "this," and Zah Yest is "this heavenly body"--a theory for our ancient Earth with Rodinia (pre-Pangea) and multiple planes. Instead of millions of vanilla shadow universes where you had a bad hair day and everything else was the same, there is a Hyphersphere--a series of cohesive meaningful planes that were created with purpose, as an electrical transformer bridging the realities of the quantifiable and the infinite.

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The Path of Resistance

Book cover of The Path of Resistance, A Zah Yest Story by Jacob Gustafson
(free digital version)
Updated 2023-01-27

Please provide feedback for the free version and what you'd like to see in the printed version using the Contact form.



The SRD licensor has released the SRD 5.1 under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Therefore, there is a new release of the book! Due to the new development, the push to print will resume more quickly. Download a version dated January 27, 2023 or later to take advantage of the new license with SRD content that is explicitly irrevocable.


Research on non-OGL TTRPG systems: posted on Reddit


THAT COMPANY, the SRD5 licensor, may choose to baselessly prosecute independent creators you love who don't switch to the controlling (and one source says 9000+ word) OGL 1.1, according to confirmed leaks! Please search for that license name and version and like and share the news you find to spread awareness (I will not link to the news since I am not allowed to use THAT COMPANY to advertise, due to copyright and the terms in the OGL 1.0a). Don't worry--I will change to a different ruleset as soon as that seems necessary. At that point, Hierosoft LLC will no longer use licensed content from THAT COMPANY. You can rest assured I and my company Hierosoft LLC will take the "Path of Resistance" and work uninterrupted to be successful in a way that doesn't help THAT COMPANY but makes good use of open content to make better games just like they do, but which they don't seem to appreciate. Having said that, without using material licensed from THAT COMPANY, many things like wording in the book and social media will be simpler anyway 😄. So, "let us lay aside every weight..." when the time comes, which for many people is now. Don't be late to the party--remember to search the web for the bold part above and like and share the posts and videos you find about it.


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Project Status

The progress is approximate and may not be up to date. The project status or other planning documents for this project or other projects do not constitute guarantees of features.

Free version status: 100%!


Ch.3 #1
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3D Printable

For characters in the campaign (custom creatures etc.) and other info, follow for updates.

If listed in SRD 5.1 (or character classes), search, buy minis at comic stores, or see 3D Printing and Tabletop below.


These songs are inspired by the story and can be used along with the campaign.

MixMystery ยท The Path of Resistance

Unrelated RPG-inspired cinematic music also written by MixMystery:

MixMystery - Hack and Slash Soundtrack

The Path of Resistance: Beside the Void

A Level 5 Campaign and the Sequel to The Path of Resistance

BesideTheVoid on YouTube (announcements and Poikilos' old fully produced or long-form videos)
Poikilos on YouTube (regular updates and shorts)


3D Printing and Tabletop

Please support me to spend the many hours necessary collect or modify more models with proper licenses allowing for commercial use and make a complete list of models for books I & II.

Free eBooks

These books have 9-lesson units in a "cookbook" (step by step) style. Please support me to spend the many hours necessary to keep these books up to date and make them available in more formats. The layout is designed to save paper. They will be easier to follow when printed unless you have a second screen with the document open. Learners have an extremely difficult time keeping their place when they barely understand what they are reading and have to switch between the instructions and blender. Some had success making the Blender and LibreOffice windows both small so they could see both at the same time on a single screen.

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