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Purple d20Currently you can mix and match miniatures to your liking. Any official models that become available will be posted on this page and on relevant social media accounts below and you will be notified if you follow. However, for now these 3D models require a 3D printer unless you have them printed by a 3D printing service. This page has some 3rd-party models and instructions on creating and editing 3D models.

3D Printable

For characters in the campaign (custom creatures etc.) and other info, follow for updates.

If listed in SRD 5.1 (or character classes), search, buy minis at comic stores, or see collections below.

Please support me to spend the many hours necessary collect or modify more models with proper licenses allowing for commercial use and make a complete list of models for books I & II.

Tutorial eBooks

These books have 9-lesson units in a "cookbook" (step by step) style. Please support me to spend the many hours necessary to keep these books up to date and make them available in more formats. The layout is designed to save paper. They will be easier to follow when printed unless you have a second screen with the document open. Learners have an extremely difficult time keeping their place when they barely understand what they are reading and have to switch between the instructions and blender. Some had success making the Blender and LibreOffice windows both small so they could see both at the same time on a single screen.


Click a design to choose your style.

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The Path of Resistance

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