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The Path of Resistance

An Epic Adventure Awaits You In A Vibrant World

Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Zah Yest, where secrets wait to be discovered and stories to be told.

This full-length tabletop RPG campaign (60,798 words) promises to challenge the audience in new ways, introducing you to new characters, unexplored territories, and unimagined threats.

Are you ready to dive deeper into this world?

Our story is based on an ancient technology setting that uses the all-time-classic and favorite fifth edition system to give you an unbeatable experience.

Bring Zah Yest to your table and get ready for a unique adventure!

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Zah Yest

Purple d20This is the official page for the ancient technology setting Zah Yest, which is a name for ancient Earth in its forgotten language. Instead of millions of vanilla shadow universes where you had a bad hair day and everything else was the same, there is a Hyphersphere—a series of cohesive meaningful planes that were created with purpose, as an electrical transformer bridging the realities of the quantifiable and the infinite.


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These songs are inspired by the story and can be used along with the campaign.

MixMystery ยท The Path of Resistance

Unofficial Music

Unrelated RPG-inspired cinematic music also written by MixMystery:
MixMystery - Hack and Slash Soundtrack



All images that were AI and had to be removed are now replaced with work from artists. I thought this was impossible to fund but commissioning black & white images made it possible for all 30+ characters!


The SRD licensor has released the SRD 5.1 under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Therefore, there is a new release of the book! Due to the new development, the push to print will resume more quickly. Download a version dated January 27, 2023 or later to take advantage of the new license with SRD content that is explicitly irrevocable.


Research on non-OGL TTRPG systems: on Poikilos dev blog

Latest Changes

Digital version status: 100%!


Make CG illustrations and maps to replace some of the hand-drawn ones. Add a final boss illustration. Fix: Add some described features to the lighthouse map; change stonework at the triangle (illustration) to match the description; improve readability (color) of last area map numbers; fix running total XP and in one case, CR.


Improve wording in chapters 2-3. Fix the XP running total. Add new vector images to replace some of the sketches.


Fix grammar in chapter 1. Balance difficulty of encounters in chapter 1 and up through second destination in chapter 2. Add clarifications to Design Choices, especially "Levels for Smooth Gameplay."


Make spelling corrections and clarifications. Improve the front cover.


Make minor corrections and clarifications. Add "About the Author" and headings for some images.


Make minor corrections and clarifications.

The Path of Resistance: Beside the Void

A Level 5 Campaign and the Sequel to The Path of Resistance

The progress is approximate and may not be up to date. The project status or other planning documents for this project or other projects do not constitute guarantees of features.

BesideTheVoid on YouTube (announcements and Poikilos' old fully produced or long-form videos)
Poikilos on YouTube (regular updates and shorts)

Project Status: Planning!


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